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4 Creative Ideas for Using Printable Vinyl

on September 18, 2021

kids girl having fun sticker scrapbooking printable vinylPrintable vinyl is very versatile. With different types of sticker paper that you can customize, from clear and matte to holographic vinyl, there’s almost nothing you can’t make from it. Whether you want to label meeting rooms in the workplace or decorate your MacBook, this handy material has got you covered. When it comes to printable sticker paper, the only limitation is your imagination! Today, we have 4 fun and exciting ideas for using printable vinyl.

Electronic decorations
Your laptops, phones, or even speakers, can look infinitely cooler with some vinyl stickers on them. You can showcase your favorite bands or TV shows by printing memorabilia on a clear printable vinyl. Or create holographic logos with a multicolored surface for an eye-catching look.

The options are limitless: motivational quotes, travel images, and cartoon doodles. You can also apply these printable sticker paper on other gadgets, such as kitchen appliances and fridges! Vamp up your belongings and give them a makeover.

Car or bike decals
Printable vinyl is great not only because you can personalize it all you want, but also because it is waterproof. It can withstand all sorts of weathers and outdoor elements. In other words, this is the perfect option for your car and bike decals!

Print out any design you want to make your car uniquely yours. Likewise, you can use printable vinyl on your sports equipment and other outdoor gear. Of course, as long the surface is smooth enough for the sticker to stick on!

Planner sticker
The high quality LUXOTON sticker paper is also great to use in planners and journals. We personally recommend using the clear vinyl type to achieve an enticing and transparent image. This will show the sticker design without covering the words or dates on your planner! However, a glossy vinyl would be good if you want to print out high-resolution photos.

Personalized gifts
Finally, you can use printable vinyl to create your own personalized gifts. We are talking about anything from mugs and stationery to your own sticker set! This could be a brilliant idea for souvenirs in a wedding, birthday, or other event. Just with a regular inkjet printer and a Cricut, you can create your own unique gifts that will leave an impression on those who receive them.

The possibilities are truly endless, and these are just some of our favorite suggestions. Don’t be afraid to get creative and use printable vinyl to express your personality and style. Happy crafting!

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